We asked a few respected people in the community to take a beta read of the new book “Happy & Secure in Sonoma County” and we are so pleased they had such great things to say about it:

“Montgomery Taylor has offered up a diverse set of localized resources woven together through a series of personal stories. It is a pleasurable read with a generous helping of advice towards a more secure life.”

Doug Hilberman
President, AXIA Architects

“As a pastor in Sonoma County, I was very interested in the premise of Monty’s new book. How to be happy in this beautiful place is a question with rich religious overtones. While this book is not theological, its sage advice can certainly be used that way. From the Bible’s perspective, wealth is primarily a means of blessing others. Thankfully, this book has some of these kinds of stories. If you are interested in gaining wealth to convert to the highest purpose now or after you are gone, prudence dictates a strategy. Monty has plenty of good advice to help reach the goal.”

V. Mark Smith
Pastor, Berean Baptist Church

“Happy & Secure in Sonoma County is a thoroughly enjoyable read. Its personal stories demonstrate the diversity of life in Sonoma County and the associated financial challenges we all face. The case-study approach provides practical guidance, and usable financial tips that can be easily understood and put into practice. Montgomery Taylor’s holistic approach to wealth management, as illustrated through this book, is a breath of fresh air….Sonoma County air.”

Áine Smalley
Senior Regulatory Affairs Director, Medtronic

"Montgomery Taylor has written a detailed, informative book which addresses issues that matter to all of us who live, work and plan to retire in Sonoma County. You need not be a financial expert to grasp the concepts and advice provided. I recommend this book to anyone seeking useful advice on how to be financially secure, regardless of your situation."

Pete Foppiano
Broker, Golden Bear Financial, former Healdsburg Mayor

“Happy & Secure in Sonoma County gives every individual advice for a sustainable retirement. The readable format of case scenarios allows the readers to imagine being in that person’s shoes. Monty creates and implements a step-by-step financial plan that is achievable. Expert advice from insurance, legal, healthcare, and real estate professionals complete the package. An achievable plan ultimately affects our wellbeing, peace of mind and happiness.”

Barbara Cooper
Retired Registered Nurse, Kaiser Permanente

“Timely and easy to read, Happy & Secure in Sonoma County offers insightful information without being complicated. It inspires one to take action and realistic steps toward being better prepared for future retirement. A great resource!”

Kris Wilson
Development Director, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital Foundation

"My favorite part of this book is how it includes detailed, personal stories that illustrate the human side of financial planning, then uses those words to provide a framework for helpful feedback and tools that readers can use to better plan their future. It has solid advice that covers situations that many of us might not think about—but should."

Julie Fadda Powers
Editor, NorthBay biz magazine

“Warren Buffet said, ‘You don’t have to be a genius to invest well.’ He’s right and the way to do it is through a multi-pronged approach to investing with the help of quality professionals. Montgomery Taylor’s new book, Happy & Secure in Sonoma County, lays out real life stories and strategies that bring peace of mind and a secure retirement future.”

Joe Brogan
Retired Senior Vice President, Unimac Corp.
Alanna Brogan
Professor, Sonoma State University

“No theory. No jargon. No doubletalk. Just good practical advice about building financial security and enjoying the financial freedom to be happy. Happy & Secure in Sonoma County is a great roadmap for success that reminds us we are all in control of our destiny, and the choices we make and the priorities we establish will have long term and lasting impacts on our lives. The real life client stories, the advisor’s perspective and the sections on making it happen; all add up to an entertaining and compelling read. Monty lays out a complete plan which should dramatically help people improve their lives.”

Michael Downey
Senior Vice President / Business Services, Redwood Credit Union

“From baby boomer to grandparent, this book will ultimately affect us all. Happy & Secure in Sonoma County is a practical and smart guide to mastering your relationship with money.”

Kirk Veale
Owner, Veale Outdoor Advertising

“A topic way too neglected by many, although so vital to one’s enjoyability of their retirement years. This is a must read, to get the earliest possible handle on a critically important part of life. Monty’s book even has a great action plan with many of the tools needed for guiding one through the process of planning for financial security. And I loved being so well informed through several relatable real life stories!”

Larry Dahl
President & CEO, Oilstop Inc.

“Happy & Secure in Sonoma County is an effective method of learning and gaining financial knowledge by reading other people's real life scenarios. It feels more relevant knowing their stories come from Sonoma County where my own financial planning will largely take place as well. That makes the book that much more interesting and fun.”

Sam Tamayo
Vice Chairman & Chief Innovation Officer, La Tortilla Factory