Happy & Secure Workshop

Bring the Power of Happy & Secure in Sonoma County to Your Organization

Positive and profound changes will be the result when your employees, managers, members, and students experience The Happy & Secure Workshop. Not only will your team be inspired and motivated to achieve greater success, but they’ll also learn how to balance life’s demands while building a strong financial foundation.

The Happy & Secure Workshop will benefit employers or other organizations. Providing financial education for employees often results in improvements in financial wellness and performance ratings, and reductions in absenteeism, turnover, health care costs, and workplace distractions.

Companies offering 401(k) retirement plans can be provided with customized asset allocation reports for their employees. These reports break down the investment choices by asset class and also provide a proprietary relative strength ranking. This provides meaning and guidance to employees managing their 401(k) retirement fund.

The Happy & Secure Workshop includes financial tools and highly customized program materials for each participant. Single session or multiple session workshop formats can be designed for your organization. The Happy & Secure Workshop is ideal for groups such as:

• Hospital and medical office personnel
• Managers and executives
• Trade association memberships
• Corporate workgroups, new hires, pre-retirees
• Students and educators
• School business officials and administrators
• Professional practitioners and their staffs