Eric Gullotta, JD, CPA, MS (Tax)

E.GullottaEric Gullotta is the founder of Gullotta Law Group located in Sonoma and Santa Rosa. He focuses on estate planning, trust administration, and probate. This includes the preparation of estate documents such as trusts, wills, advanced healthcare directives and POA. Further practice areas are taxation and business formation.

Eric is a Sonoma County native being born in Petaluma and raised in Sonoma and Glen Ellen. Eric received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara in economics and accounting. After graduation he worked for a Napa CPA firm while he studied for and passed the CPA exam and then became a licensed CPA in the State of California. Furthering his qualifications and interest in estate work, he earned a master’s degree with honors in Taxation from Golden Gate University in San Francisco while working full time at Richard A. Gullotta, CPA, MBA, Inc. Seeing the need for a special combination of education and experience, without taking a summer off, Eric immediately enrolled at Empire College in Santa Rosa, where he received his Juris Doctor, Cum Laude while working and starting a family. After passing the California State Bar, Eric worked for Sonoma County’s largest law firm, Perry, Johnson, Anderson, Miller, and Moskowitz. Eric opened his own doors to provide competent, concise and friendly estate planning to residents of Sonoma County.

Eric is a member of the State Bar of California and Sonoma County Bar Association, licensed to practice in front of both the U.S. Tax Court and IRS. He is on the Board of Directors of Becoming Independent, a local non-profit that supports men and women living with a variety of disabilities to seek their own paths to personal fulfillment and independence. Eric has served as president of Sonoma Valley Executives, Inc.

Eric also enjoys sharing his ideas and knowledge on Estate Planning and through writing. His book Did the Government Write you Will? is available on

When Eric is not hard at work handling estate planning and probate for his clients, he enjoy spending time with his children, practicing his hobby of digital photography and videography. He also brews his own beer, plays the drums and frequents the golf course every chance he gets.

Eric Gullotta’s chapter is called, “Do What You’re Supposed To Do When You’re Supposed To Do It—Eric’s Story on the Farm.” In it, he describes growing up on a farm near the small town of Glen Ellen. Eric spent his youth working on the farm, tending the animals and crops, making sure that the things that had to get done—got done.

“Work doesn’t get done unless you do it and do it when you are supposed to. Planning ahead and taking action is a key to success on the farm (and in life). Although I didn’t understand it at the time, I grew to understand and appreciate this simple lesson. Sure you can mend a broken fence anytime, but if the cows are already out then the task is pointless.”

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